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Ismael and Laura, September 16th, 2023

We wanted to thank Catering Lebrija because you gave us a spectacular wedding. There was no shortage of food, everything was delicious, and people were amazed by the appetizers, especially the Alta Mar station (this was a hit). When we arrived at our table, the ham was spectacular, the prawns incredibly good… the tenderloin was excellent. People told us what a quality of food, they hadn’t eaten such good ham in a long time. The rice with langoustine was delicious, and the meat/fish was just as good. The dessert was also a hit, many guests loved it. Casti, our maitre d’, was a charming person, attentive to us and the guests at all times.
We can only thank Catering Lebrija… everything went perfectly. Forever grateful, Ismael and Laura September 16th, 2023.

The greatest success of our wedding

Without a doubt, the most important decision when organizing our wedding was choosing the catering, and with Catering Lebrija, it was a success from start to finish. They are super attentive and professional. Rosa advised us from the very beginning, making everything very easy and helping us decide at all times. There are so many details, and it is so appreciated to have such a complete team guiding you in the best direction… Paola was wonderful with the decoration, and of course, I lack words for our maitre d’, Manuel, a charm, attentive to the last detail, ensuring that everything went perfectly on such an important day for us. The food was a 10, and the waitstaff service was impeccable, as was the organization and timing, so important for everything to go perfectly. All the guests agreed that the food was exquisite and in abundance, and they congratulated us for it and for the service to convey it to the catering. We would definitely count on them again. Thank you very much to the whole team!!!


Choosing Catering Lebrija has been the right choice. They have an outstanding team of professionals, always with a smile and a quick response. From Rosa, our sales representative, to the decoration professionals Marga and Paola, and to Casti, our wonderful maitre d’, and Celia, in charge of our table, they have conveyed tranquility and professionalism, guaranteeing a wonderful service. The guests were delighted with the food and drink, and so were we. Grateful for everything, we had a great day.

Alberto and Sara 23/9/2023

Top-notch catering! From the decoration, service, food, they made everything very easy, helping us make our day like the dream day. Thanks to Raquel, our sales representative, and Antonio, our maitre d’, and the decoration department, they understood our idea from the beginning. What a way to exceed our expectations. Infinite thanks for making everything possible, team.

A beautiful wedding

We are delighted with how everything turned out!!!! The decoration was beautiful!!!! Maitre Antonio was always attentive to us and he carried out our wedding perfectly!!!! He listened to us at all times about how we wanted everything and there were no problems. The quantity and quality of the food are excellent!!!!!
Thanks to the waitstaff and maitre for their work that day!! How kind and professional they were!!! The human quality that was present at the wedding deserves to be valued!!! Fantastic!!!!

Absolutely perfect

We don’t have enough words to recommend Catering Lebrija. The food at our wedding was plentiful and delicious. Our guests can’t stop talking about how delicious everything was, the continuous replenishment of ham and prawns; but above all, how friendly and professional all the staff were. A 10!!! Our sales representative, Elena, has been incredible. We reside in Australia and Elena, from the very beginning, was flexible with the time zone difference, adapting to us at all times. She is very reassuring and dedicated; nothing was a problem at any time. Lovely! Special mention to Manuel, our maitre d’, who made everything perfect on the day. He personally took care of us throughout the appetizers and dinner, making sure we lacked nothing. Also, highlight the speed and efficiency when it started to rain, organizing the staff to move to the hall as soon as possible. It left me astonished. He was the best!

The champion of catering

I can only say spectacular, the guests were already full at the appetizers, very good quality food and even better quality staff, at my wedding there were about 25 of them and each one was better than the last. Rosa, my sales representative, with infinite patience with stressed brides like me at some moments, my Maitres Manuel and Isaac were super attentive to everything and helped us with everything that arose, and attentive to the smallest detail, we are delighted with the choice.


We want to congratulate you on the service, food, and decoration on our wedding day. My dear Marga, how beautifully she arranged everything ✨ Many thanks also to Raquel, for her closeness and treatment throughout the process ♥️ Magnificent work by Manuel, our maitre d’, attentive and charming. It’s been several months but we still feel emotionally overwhelmed. Everything couldn’t have been more beautiful. Guests can’t stop praising you, and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much Catering Lebrija! Dora & Gonzalo.

Wedding of Simona and Manu

You made our day more beautiful, thank you, thank you, and a thousand thanks for the great service provided by Catering Lebrija, but the truth is that you far exceeded our expectations, 100% recommendable. The guests and family were extremely happy with the very professional services. I thank the whole team but personally Raquel and Neiva. Regards, Simona.

Macarena and Antonio

We have no words for them, Raquel our sales representative, Juan, and to top it off our Maitre Antonio, thank you all for giving us peace of mind from the very beginning and the assurance that everything would go perfectly, and it did. Our guests keep asking us which catering it was, the food was hot, the drinks were cold, everything was perfectly timed, and above all, I want to make a special mention of the waitstaff who were so kind and helpful. Our wedding was large, with 320 guests, and everyone ate and drank in large quantities, and all the guests have congratulated us on the catering service. A thousand thanks, and especially to Raquel for her patience.

More than just catering

Cristina & Francis. Without a doubt, our best choice, from minute 0 they attended to every need, our sales representative Elena was an absolute sweetheart, always attentive and helping with every doubt and detail as if it were a friend’s wedding, super happy with our maitre Dani, waiting until the last moment for the outdoor setup due to the weather forecast, which luckily turned out great, attentive to us and providing the best service, guests still can’t stop congratulating us today for the food and service, thousands and thousands of messages because thanks to you… we’ve had the wedding of our dreams!!! A thousand thanks!!.

More than just catering

A guaranteed success for your big day. Elena, our sales representative, made everything very easy for us, with meticulous organization, and Kini, our maitre d’, attentive to every detail as if it were his own wedding. Guests and vendors were delighted with the treatment, the quantity of food, the presentations, the promptness in service, and the timing of the banquet, which was very important to us. From our perspective, choosing them meant that we didn’t have to worry about anything on that day. Even with a last-minute weather event like a DANA, on the wedding day we were super relaxed because we knew they were in charge of everything. The venue itself didn’t have a covered hall, but they helped us hire a tent (which turned out great) and organize the event so that everyone was as comfortable as possible. I would hire them again a thousand times over!!


We wanted something new for our wedding, delicious food, ensuring that people left without hunger, and this catering surpassed our expectations. Raquel, the sales representative, Quini, the maitre d’, and Marga, the decorator, thank you, thank you, and thank you always. Everything was fantastic, a perfect wedding. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. From Jaime and Patricia.


The best decision we could have made!
Grateful to all the staff at Catering Lebrija, especially to Juan, Ariadna, Marga, and Carmelo!! They have an amazing team, making everything easy!! We had a wedding that left everyone impressed!! The decoration, the service, and the food were all a 10! We would choose them again and again!

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